Fender Splattercaster Stratocasters

Fender_Splattercaster_01 Fender_Splattercaster_02

Fender produced these Stratocasters commonly referred to as “Splattercasters” in 2003.  The splatter or spin art design (as I recall Fender calling it) creates a unique one of a kind pattern on each guitar and were offered in a variety of color combinations.  While some may be similar  sharing the same color palette,  no two are exactly alike.  These Strats are stock Mexican Standard in every other way.  Each guitar body had a base color sprayed on before the splatter design.  Then the pickguard and back plate were installed on the body before the painting process to complete the pattern across the entire front and back of the guitar.  Removal of the guard and back plate reveals the original color before the process.  These guitars are unique and getting a bit harder to find but still available on the used market and prices are on the rise.  Check eBay for the Fender Splattercaster Stratocaster.

Have a look at these two that are in my shop.  The yellow one is completely stock and the blue one has been upgraded by a previous owner with genuine gold finished Fender hardware.  The tuners are especially nice with pearloid buttons.  They are available for sale.  SOLD SOLD SOLD



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